Rating 4 ½ stars 


Over a century ago, dinosaurs were brought back from extinction, along with a plague that killed most of the human race. Many of those who lived through the plague were eaten. The few survivors moved to an underground compound called the Ark, where they were safe from the dinosaurs that hunted on the surface.


Sky Mundy is the daughter of a man who vanished five years ago and was branded a traitor. Many of the people in the compound treat her harshly for her father’s supposed crimes. When she finds a note from her father, she sets out from the Ark with her best friend to deliver secret information to a contact of her father’s. 


The surface has wonders Sky has never seen, such as massive primeval forests, and blue sky, is a perilous place full of dinosaurs hungry for human flesh. On the surface, secrets are exposed to the light, but some secrets may be more dangerous than the dinosaurs themselves. Can Sky deliver the information, or will she fall prey to the surface predators?

This story was one of those books I wish I’d had when I was a pre-teen. 


This story was one of those books I wish I’d had when I was a pre-teen. It’s full of action, government conspiracies, and dinosaurs. While it’s a light read, a reader who looks deeper can see that there’s a theme of safety versus freedom running throughout the book.


As for worldview, there are references to dinosaurs being extinct for millions of years. References to the humans being safe in the “Ark” and calling their leader “Noah” does lead to negative connotations considering that the leader is portrayed poorly, but it also seems that people outside the Compound/Ark know the Biblical story and that Noah got off the Ark.

In the end, it’s a fun little story with dinosaurs. 



Heat: None at all, a welcome change from most books. (Note that I have not read the second Age of Extinction book, and this is from a secular publisher, so things could change.)

Profanity: None.

Violence: Dinosaurs predictably eat people, with one running past with a leg in its mouth. People kill dinosaurs. People kill each other. 

Genre: Middle Grade post-apocalyptic adventure

Age range: 10+

The Ark Plan is available on Amazon.


Jessi L. Roberts lives on a cattle ranch in Montana, where she is often led on wild goat chases as her goats forget to come home. She has two published books, Hand of Steel being the first in a series. 


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