For three years, Cass has been alone on the derelict streets between the Mist and the elitist
mountain top enclaves. Now sixteen, she plays a deadly game of hide and seek that keeps her from being on the wrong side of law enforcement, being a victim of the roving lawless, or the horror of becoming undead if she ventures too near the Mist. Cass is brave and determined to do what must be done to survive, but is on the edge of starvation. When she steals aboard the airship Daedalus, she is caught, but is given a choice: take a position as a mist diver, or struggle on alone. Her choice gives her a place with the benevolent crew and a giant of a captain whose faith offers her the possibility of family. She learns to fly and becomes one of the best, but a disastrous mist dive leaves Cass in doubt of her

abilities and afraid to take on the mist.

Theodore Winchester is the heir to one of the top five elite families and prides himself on being a man of science. He believes research is the key to eliminating the mists, and he is willing to go against established norms to find that solution. His research uncovers things inconvenient for the elite. It also leaves Theo a target of forces that would see him dead rather than expose a truth that would impact those in power– even though it would save many lives.

When Cass and Theo connect on the Daedalus, their mutual needs force them into a joint quest into the Mist, they discover secrets beyond
imagining while clandestine forces heighten the threat to both quest and elite.

“…A Heart-pumping ride into the steampunk world of airships, searches for treasure, gunfights with the undead…with a gold masked automaton lurking in the shadows.”

Secrets of the Mist is a heart-pumping ride into the steampunk world of airships, hang-gliders, searches for treasure, gunfights with the undead, class struggle, and hints of romance, with a gold masked automaton lurking in the shadows. I was kept on the edge of my seat by the action. Themes of bravery, lost family, loyalty, and personal sacrifice round out an engaging plotline. The brief chapters and short length of the whole book should appeal to those who prefer shorter works.


The writing is sharp and clean without useless exposition, which keeps the pacing great. The
characters are vivid and engaging. The dialogue is realistic and enhances character personality. The setting description is minimal but grounds you in the story world. There are subtle instances of a Christian-type belief system, but they are brief and never preachy. With a cliffhanger ending, Busse leaves the reader panting for the next in the series.


There is very little that can be said as negative about this exciting new YA novel. There were,
however, some missed opportunities to present a more diverse population and significant
contributions from those other than the elite. Necessity is not only the mother of invention for the


Genre: YA Steampunk


Content Ratings:
Heat: Minor interest in persons of the opposite sex but any physical contact is not sexual.
Profanity: Nil.
Violence: There is the use of firearms in defense against the undead.
Age Recommendation: 12 and up due to violence. There is a violent street incident involving
danger to a lone female. There are graphic scenes depicting the undead and a character becoming
Secrets in the Mist is available on Christianbook, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Audible, and Kobo.


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