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Articles that might be of interest to readers in the Christian speculative fiction community. Some of them are written by our reviewers, but most are links to to other pages.

Why We Need Superheroes

Jason Joyner, author of the Christian superhero novel Launch, talks about why heroic stories are great places to start conversations about hope and why we need a Savior.

The Christian Problem with Magic

Have you ever felt just a little guilty reading fantasy books? But wait...didn't C.S. Lewis use magic? This is a great series exploring the intersection of magic and the Bible. The Christian Problem with Magic,...

Are Christian Movies Really So Terrible?

I can think of quite a few Christian movies that were so bad I couldn't finish. In this article, E. Stephen Burnett talks about some Christian movies that are bucking the "terrible Christian movie"...

Finding My Identity in Christ

This is an article that Tabitha Caplinger asked me to do for her blog, Live Chosen.

The Dark Alleys in Young Adult Fiction

Many of you may have seen Marian Jacobs' excellent article in Desiring God, but did you know there was a part 2? In part 2, she clarifies that she isn't calling for censorship of...

When is Horror Too Much?

In this Speculative Faith article, writer Rebecca LuElla Miller explores the concept of horror. When is horror spiritually beneficial, and when is it destructive?

Why I Think Solo is the Best Star Wars Film To Date

Science fiction novelist Joshua A. Johnston shares his thoughts on Solo.

It’s Just Words…Right?

Author Shannon Stewart explores how voyeurism in novels affects us as readers. It's part of a series that also examines how this kind of writing is not only unnecessary to the story, but actually...

Thanos Offered Fake Love

Author Marian Jacobs shares an insightful commentary on real vs fake love, illustrated with examples from Infinity War.

What About Game of Thrones?

Should Christians watch things like Game of Thrones and Altered Carbon? Cap Stewart from Speculative Faith explores the topic. Part 1 Part 2  

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