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Francis Anderson has a problem. His problem was originally that he was old and gray, with a lot of unfinished work to do. Now he has been miraculously made younger by a mysterious man, which brings with it its own unique problems, like how to avoid being stalked by the media and how to appear older in public. His biggest problem, though, is that his rational mind can’t conceive of a higher Power- and yet, no other explanation will fit.

his biggest problem…is that his rational mind can’t conceive of a Higher power-and yet, no other explanation will fit.

Peggy Chandlar, a nurse, just saw one man die and another one grow young. Who is the mysterious Reverend Davis? Should she notify the authorities? Peggy decides that she has to find out the answers to satisfy her conscience.

Nurse, Stethoscope, Medicine, Anesthesiologist, Surgery

Reporter Ted Zimmerman is a man on a mission. The clues to a man that could make people young again have captured the enthusiasm of his boss, who is dying. Even though this story sounds like a fool’s errand to him, his boss has given him carte blanche to pursue it…and that sounds pretty close to a vacation to him! And hey, if it really works out, it could be the story of the year.

“Reverend Davis” isn’t as reluctant to be found as one might think. He must find someone willing to receive his gift before he dies. Supernatural powers are not all they are cracked up to be- agreeing to receive the gift also means agreeing to a life on the run.

“reverend davis” isn’t as reluctant to be found as one might think. he must find someone willing to receive his gift before he dies.

I really enjoyed the original premise of this book! I especially enjoyed Francis Anderson, who receives what he wished for and finds that extended life isn’t as great as it sounds, and Zimmerman, who at first pursues the story with gusto and then starts experiencing twinges of conscience. I did spot a small plot hole, and I thought the ending could have been a little more consistent with the theme of the book, but on the whole I found this an enjoyable and worthwhile story.

There isn’t enough quality Christian speculative fiction on the market that appeals to men, and this book is a worthy addition. It would make a great gift for any adult Christian guy (or any Christian woman who enjoys speculative books without significant romantic content).

Content Ratings:

Heat: There is one very tame kiss between an engaged couple. They get married, and go on a honeymoon, but the honeymoon is not shown.

Profanity: None. The author uses creative ways to avoid profanity.

Violence: Very little.

Genre: Christian Speculative Fiction (Time Travel)

Age recommendation: 13 and up. The content is very mild, but the main characters are all adult and the main themes (fear of death, etc) are mostly adult concerns. There is a relatively young person who dies in the book, and that may unsettle younger readers.

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Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the publishing house with a request for an unbiased review.


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