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H. Halverstadt has loved science fiction and mystery since her teens, and is a huge fan of Lois McMaster Bujold, Anne McCaffrey and Agatha Christie. She found faith after losing a bet in her first year of college, and since then has rarely met an apologetics book she didn’t love. Her first book, Gemini’s Key, is the first book of a science fiction series set 1500 years in the future that focuses on a young man whose father died in mysterious circumstances. Sign up for the newsletter if you want to hear more about its progress!

A.K. Preston is the pen name for Preston Klopfenstein, an author (or at least someone pretending to be one) who aims to provide the world with riveting tales incorporating the real-world imminence of the modern technothriller and suspense genres as well as the grandeur of classic science fiction. His aim is to impart imaginative wonder as well as powerful stories of Good and Evil. Underpinning them all is a biblical worldview, explored and illustrated in myriad ways with an emphasis on the mysterious. His first novel is Harvest of Prey, currently undergoing a relaunch as The Gevaudan Project. You can find him on his blog at Empyrean Voyager as well as his website at He reviews science fiction, fantasy, paranormal and steampunk.

Lelia Rose Foreman was born and things progressed from there. After gaining a degree in Clinical Lab Technology, she swam in the South China Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, and the YMCA. She has climbed Mt. Fuji, Mt. St. Helens, and viewed Mt. Denali. She has raised and released five children, homeschooling three of them for fourteen years. Everyone survived. Cyborg (cochlear implant) and avid gardener, she enjoys collaborating with her oldest son Josh Foreman on stories set on Talifar. She is the sole author of A Shattered World, a science fiction novel that follows the life of Rejoice. How can she save her new world filled with aliens who want to fight? You can learn about the coming Talifar series on

Jessi L. Roberts’s head is full of wilds sci-fi story ideas covering everything from apocalypses and werewolves to aliens and talking animals. She lives on her family’s cattle ranch in Montana, where she has various sorts of livestock, as well as a hyper golden retriever.
Her first published novella, Hand of Steel, debuted on July 1st, 2019. For more information and to sign up for her newsletter, visit her website where she shares short stories and other information.

Jacqueline Towns is a Southern California native who devoted her life to public-school teaching. She loves sci fi and fantasy books, but the main characters never reflected her life experience and culture. So, she decided to write her own. She’s now embarking on a second career as a novelist and is currently working on the first book of a sci-fi fantasy series. Authors that have influenced her writing include Karen Hancock, Stephen R. Lawhead, and Kathy Tyers.


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