Meet Our Reviewers!

I’m H. Halverstadt, and you will usually find me reviewing all kinds of science fiction, Christian fantasy, and occasionally children’s books.

A.K. Preston is the pen name for Preston Klopfenstein, an author (or at least someone pretending to be one) who aims to provide the world with riveting tales incorporating the real-world imminence of the modern technothriller and suspense genres as well as the grandeur of classic science fiction. His aim is to impart imaginative wonder as well as powerful stories of Good and Evil. Underpinning them all is a biblical worldview, explored and illustrated in myriad ways with an emphasis on the mysterious. His first novel is Harvest of Prey, currently undergoing a relaunch as The Gevaudan Project. You can find him on his blog at Empyrean Voyager as well as his website at He reviews science fiction, fantasy, paranormal and steampunk.



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