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In Stockton’s Galactic Lore world, the planet in question is inhabited by various species of sapient dinosaurs. In fact, they are the only sapient species group on the planet. Rathe, born into the Karn Empire, is low hatched but has propelled himself into a desirable military spot by ferocity and cunning. He is eager for action as his unit is sent to its first military assignment.

…the planet in question is inhabited by various species of sapient dinosaurs.

While at that assignment, one of the civilian females they are guarding ventures alone into a new archaeological dig. When they find her, her brain has been overpowered by a cybernetic device. She now calls herself Karey Orr and states that her goal is to activate the Starfire, a powerful weapon. She clings to Rathe and calls him her protector.

Rathe’s superiors are thrilled. Finally, a device with which to defeat the Empire’s mortal enemy the Herians! Rathe is sure this is his ticket to promotion. His path to singlehandedly defeat the Herians has a few stones in the road. Why do some of his friends believe in the deity VorTolKo, and why are they deceived about the nature of the Herians? Why do this VorTolKo’s saurian adherents seem to have taken a personal interest in him? Are they lying about the legendary destructive powers of the Starfire to protect the Herians? Can the saur overpowered by Karey Orr be saved? And why are all saurs afraid of the stars?

why are all saurs afraid of the stars?

I loved this book! I ordered it in paperback to read on a plane trip, and I’m not sorry I did, even though I hate paying paperback prices. The world building was exquisite, and while the premise seemed to be a little farfetched, it was so well rendered that I forgot my objections. My only complaint is that there seemed to be a little too much description, which eventually made the book longer than I thought it needed to be.

This book would be a great gift for a teenager. Young men especially will relate to the adventurous feel of the book.

Content Ratings:

Heat: None. There is no romance storyline in this book.

Profanity: None. The author uses creative ways to avoid profanity.

Violence: There is action movie style violence, but the author takes care to avoid gory or gratuitous violence.

Genre: Christian Science Fiction (allegory). Soft science fiction (no long technology descriptions)

Age recommendation: 13 and up

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Series information: Part 1 of 3. You will need to buy all three to see how the story ends.


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