4 1/2 stars 

JaRed the mouse, son of ReDemec, was minding his own business when Ta’Mir the seer decided to anoint him as the next king of Tira-Nor.  He didn’t do him any favors. This “honor” was sure to only  increase the abuse from his brother HaRed, known to most as “Horrid”. Tira-Nor already had a king, one who was not in any hurry to give up his throne. And the rats….

Ta’Mir doesn’t always understand El’Shua’s ways. He anointed King SoSheth at El’Shua’s bidding, only to see him fail spectacularly. Now El’Shua has told him to anoint another young mouse, the youngest in his family. Can this young mouse save Tira-Nor from the dark wave of rats massing to attack it?  Ta’Mir has faith that El’Shua has a plan…
High in his heavenly abode, El’Shua aches for the choices his creation makes, and for the terrible transformation brought upon those who have followed Lord Wroth. El’Shua’s Owl, who is both the instrument of judgement and friend to El’Shua, feels this burden too.
This well written and engaging book is an allegory of the story of David and Goliath. Kids will love the exciting adventures of Runt, and learn to visualize the Bible in a way that they might not have before.
I especially enjoyed the dialogue between El’Shua and the Owl…but that dialogue was also my greatest reservation. As much as I enjoyed seeing God’s heart portrayed (in a way that seemed to be biblically accurate), I have reservations about “God” being portrayed speaking at all. Since this is an allegory, it isn’t directly “God”, but it still bothers me.
I highly recommend this book, and am looking forward to when my own child is old enough to read it!  The violence level is too high for younger children, but this would make a great Christmas present for an older elementary or middle school boy.

Heat: None. There is no romance storyline at all.

Profanity: None.

Violence: More than a few animal on animal fight scenes. Some of them are bloody (in one one animal kills another animal by impaling them with a nail). None of it is gratuitous, but the violence may be too much for children under 9 or 10.

Genre: Middle grade Christian fantasy. Chapter book, no pictures.

Age recommendation: 10 and up due to violence.

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